Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Internet Safety Program

With Talent 21 emphasizing that our 6th grade students become digitallly responsible learners, Richard Guerry, from IROC2 (Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication) came to speak with our students last week. Both 6th grade houses, the Dream Team and Team Quest, attended their own assembly with Mr. Guerry and they were very well received. Below are a few comments from teachers.

"I thought it was very worthwhile. Afterwards the kids' comments showed that they really took to heart what Mr. Guerry had to say. I think they now realize they really need to THINK before doing anything with technology."

"Rich (Guerry) was a GREAT speaker! From where I was sitting, the kids were totally engaged."

"It was very informative, for students and adults. I learned a few things myself and I thought the way he spoke to the kids was great. His presentation was age-apropriate, which really helped the kids to understand the message."

You can find out more about The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication at http://www.iroc2.org/.

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